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From learning to creating

Learners products

Coloring products for learners should focus on the needs of children who are just starting to discover coloring and learning to handle them. These products are used by children from 1 to 4-5 years old, the key features that the products should have are:

  • Ensure the safe use by small children. Our felt pens are designed in order to be resistant. For Evolution® pencils, the no splinters feature is important and for the crayons the resistance is also important.
  • Help the children learn how to hold the instruments. Instruments with large barrels allow the child to easily hold the pen.  The child will start by holding it with the whole fist and progressively he/she will develop better abilities to move the fist, hand and wrist and will be able to go from scribbles to more accurate shapes.

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Essentials products

From 5 years old the child is using coloring products heavily, both at school and at home. So the products that the child uses should be:

  • Long-lasting and resistant. Resistance of the barrel and leads, long cap-off time are different features that make the products long-lasting. Clean to use is also key for the best use of the product.
  • Products with thinner barrels, as the child is already capable of handling smaller objects and performing more detailed drawings.

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Creative products

Creativity is another key aspect in a child development. When the child masters the essential tools and has fine motor skills, their creativity can be enhanced by using tools that allow them to create different effects in their drawings or arts & crafts.

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