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Let’s practice

To help your child to improve his or her way of writing, we have developed following educational notebooks, packed with activities to practice at home as a family. They have been designed with both you and your child in mind. For children to encourage their efforts and help them in developing the desire for writing and for you to follow on their progress whilst giving you an opportunity to show how proud you are of their achievements.

Activity Book 4/5

With this activity book your child can take the first steps towards learning to write. Practicing how to go from dots to the line and from the line to the letter, as well as practicing drawing straight lines, curves, circles and dots.

Click here to download.

Activity Book 6/7

With this activity book the child can learn to form letters and words, and associate them with concepts, objects, ideas, etc. If is a fantastic opportunity to practice syllables, consonants, vowels and letters and sounds.

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